Emily has the ability to treat every client in a very unique way. The minute you are on her massage table you will feel complete comfort, and as one of her yoga students, you will always have her full, undivided attention. 


Massaging since 2009 and teaching yoga since 2015, Emily's curiosity towards the human body has been there from a very young age. She is extremely passionate about the physical body but also, the energy body, which led her towards becoming a Reiki Master. Emily believes in the power of self care, discipline and self love as our most powerful healer. Attention to detail, strength, conditioning and alignment are expressed through her teachings, with a strong focus on aftercare and advice for every client. Her yoga classes have a strong focus on breath, since becoming a breath coach in 2021. Emily opened her yoga studio with Hayley Molina in February 2020, Banff Yoga Practice, located in the same building beneath her massage studio. Please visit banffyogapractice.com for more information.

Born in the UK, Emily is also half Greek. The Rocky Mountains have become her place of inspiration and growth since 2008, when she moved to Banff. Most days, Emily's self practice comes first, which includes, Meditation, Pranayama, and Movement. She loves to travel, dip her toes in the ocean, hike, ride bikes, read books, eat good food and walk her dog BobEmily is continually learning as much as she can to further her knowledge and improve her skills as a therapist. She runs wellness retreats internationally, with Greece as an annual retreat venue. Her partner Ryan De Alwis is a Chef and provides all of the gourmet meals on the retreats, where you will transform yourself and find pure, honest connection. The next retreat is in Kaslo, B.C, November 2-7 this year. Head to her retreats page for more information.


"Always such a relaxing experience! Emily always takes the time to assess your needs and she gives 100% of her time and energy in each massage. She is the perfect balance of kindness and attentiveness. I always look forward to my massages with her! Thanks Emily :)"


"Emily is such an intuitive person. For that reason, combined with her experience and expertise, I will highly recommend her to as many people as possible!"


"Amazing! It’s so hard to get up and off the bed after such a relaxing treatment."


"A very good first experience!"


"I already can't wait for my next appointment, booked already!"