Massage is extremely important for maintaining your health and well being, in order to prevent injury. It balances both your emotional and physical health, leaving you feeling lighter and brand new. Whether it's chronic pain relief, muscle tension or relaxation you are looking for, Emily is confident she can help you. Always able to cater to her clients individual needs, Emily works intuitively around the body, with pressure being something she pays close attention to as this is very unique to everyone. Emily has an extremely loving and comforting touch, and continues to do her best work with each and every one of her clients everyday.

Emily will intuitively work around your body, finding pressure that suits you the best to relieve tension, and increase relaxation.

Using silicone suction cups, this treatment will help flush toxins, and increase blood flow to enable emily to work more effectively.

For you and your baby to feel connection, comfort, and complete relaxation.


#212, 111 Banff Avenue, Banff, Alberta, Canada

(Located inside the Harmony Lane Mall, 2nd floor)



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