During your Energy Healing Session, Stephanie will explain to you where you are holding energy in your body and how this is showing up in your life and in your physical body (pain, discomfort, trouble sleeping). Stephanie will answer any questions you may have about Reiki Energy Healing, and any questions you have about the energy in your body. The sessions are a dialogue where your energy will be explained to you and the stagnant energy is released from the body using differing modalities, tailored for each individual based on their specific needs. Stephanie customizes each treatment based on what each energy body needs most from their healing session that day. You may have one agenda, but your body and energy can have another.

A 75 minute session with Stephanie to explore and discuss your energy body on a deeper level.

A 75 minute treatment with Stephanie to discover where dormant energy lies and how to release it.


#212, 111 Banff Avenue, Banff, Alberta, Canada

(Located inside the Harmony Lane Mall, 2nd floor)







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