Emily Gionis - RMT & Yoga Teacher

Emily has the ability to treat every client in a very unique way. The minute you are on her massage table you will feel complete comfort, and as one of her yoga students, you will always have her full, undivided attention. Massaging since 2009 and teaching yoga since 2015, Emily's curiosity towards the human body has been there from a very young age. She is extremely passionate about the physical body but also, the energy body. She believes in the power of self care and self love as our most powerful healer, as well as touch. Attention to detail and alignment are expressed through her teachings, with a strong focus on aftercare for every client. Her yoga classes have a strong focus on breath, alignment, strength and balance with her favourite styles being Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow. You will also be gifted with assists in Emily's yoga classes, in order to understand your body in the posture's more clearly.

Born in the UK, Emily is also half Greek. The Rocky Mountains have become her place of inspiration and growth for the last 11 years. Most days, Emily's self yoga practice comes first. She loves to travel, dip her toes in the ocean, hike, ride bikes, read books, eat good food and every day walks her dog BobEmily is continually learning as much as she can to further her knowledge and improve her skills as a therapist. She runs wellness retreats internationally, with Greece as an annual retreat venue. Her partner Ryan De Alwis is a Chef and provides all of the gourmet meals on the retreats, where you will transform yourself and find pure, honest connection.

Stephanie Penich - Reiki Master

Stephanie is a Reiki Master, trained in Usui Reiki Ryoho. Also trained in Chakra Crystal Healing, Stephanie will often use crystals during her Reiki sessions to aid and amplify the healing process. She is a Certified 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, CrossFit Level 1 Instructor and trained in CrossFit weightlifting. These varied certifications have taught Stephanie a lot about the human body, how it works, and more importantly what it needs to thrive. 


Stephanie’s passion for Reiki energy healing grows with each client that she is able to connect with and help in their healing process. No two healing sessions are the same, and each new appointment is an opportunity to connect with new energy and be a part of someone’s life journey, enabling healing for the mind, body and spirit.

Born in Ontario, Stephanie finds the mountains captivating and has been drawn to the power that Banff holds. She has made Banff her home and continues to learn and grow in this community. Steph loves her time in the gym, being outside in the mountain air, enjoys cooking and is always finding new ways to learn and continue to be a student of her craft. Currently launching a podcast called Medium in the Middle, explaining her energy journey and path to mediumship. If you are interested in following along, her Medium in the Middle Podcast can be listened to on iTunes or any podcast platform; see the link below You can also follow her on Instagram @mediuminthemiddle.


#212, 111 Banff Avenue, Banff, Alberta, Canada

(Located inside the Harmony Lane Mall, 2nd floor)







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